Broaden your Horizons!
Did you know that the U.S. is not our only major business partner? Japan and China are also substantial players – yet we have no need to travel as far as China for our language needs. Chinese is the second most-spoken language …in Canada. Another market – Spanish speakers – beckons, just south of our border, in the U.S.A.

In these cosmopolitan times, you are in a position to solicit such unrecognized linguistic market segments. One way is by having your Web site translated. To suit your needs and your target market, SoHo World will assign the translator who is “closest” to your situation, as determined by native language and community of origin.

Among major regional groupings, the European Union’s multilingual model provides a lesson in cultural relativism and civic courtesy we would be wise to follow, for conducting respectful and efficient business activities in these
times of economic globalization.

Broadening your horizons means discovering new business opportunities across the world…
as well as in your own community.