SMEs and Exports
In the quest for foreign markets, trade fairs and missions are perfect opportunities for forming strategic partnerships with local distributors. But first, the language barrier must be overcome. Why not turn this barrier into a means of making contact, by handing out your corporate information, product catalogue or press kit in your contact’s own language? Better yet, why not the complete, faithful translation of your Web site?

Although English is considered the language of business, remember that consumers think, shop and buy in their own languages. And nothing attracts their attention better than a strong, clear message. Translation is more than an act of communication: it is first and foremost a sign of respect towards the rest of the world. The credibility and understanding you will gain through translation are essential to the success of all your business transactions.

Millions of entrepreneurs succeed in foreign markets by making the effort to adapt to local languages and cultures. Their ultimate reward is an audience willing to lend an ear. This success can also be yours.

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