There are two disciplines where “one false word” can ruin everything: psychology… and advertising! This is no coincidence, since the second discipline owes a great deal to the first. And, just like advertising copywriters, translators require an exceptional command of the language and a thorough knowledge of their target audience’s culture to make the resulting message catchy and appealing. Advertising text can be ambiguous, is often emotional and always argumentative; it plays with both style (rhymes, repetition, etc.) and substance (meaning, cultural references, emotions, etc.).

The advertising translator must guard against two pitfalls: on the one hand, the message is understood, but bad spelling discredits the product or service; on the other, the spelling is impeccable, but the message generates confusion or, worse, falls completely flat. Clearly, advertising language is in itself a condensation of culture, and this cannot
be delivered with a word-for-word translation. This is why we translate your advertising text respecting both
its content and the concept behind it.

But beware! You can afford to have your advertising text translated, but you can never afford to miss
your target. Questionable, botched translations are worse than none at all. They show a lack of consideration
on your part – whether intentional or not -- for your foreign clients.

So never settle for a vague rendition of your products and services in another language. Instead, allow us to
provide you with a clear, correct translation of your advertising materials… Why? Because at SoHo World,
words are our business and we know how to reach out and touch the world.